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 All the information and advice that you need to claim compensation in an easy to understand and easy to use pack. 
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Find out how to ensure you get your deposit returned

What's Included?

Everything you need to start your claim immediately
All forms required to make your compensation claim
Full details on how to fill in the forms and where to post them.
Shaw and Co Solicitors
Tenant Deposit Disputes
Are you are having trouble with your landlord?  Are you looking to sign a lease and want advice on what to do to protect your deposit? Compensation Pack can help.
The Tenant Deposit Dispute pack covers everything that you need.  It outlines the Housing Act and under what circumstances it may be breached.  We'll give you step-by-step explanations of what you need to do to claim compensation, if your case warrants it.
We know that renting can be quite formidable, especially if you are required to put forward a large deposit.  This should not be the case - the Housing Act of 2004 introduced tenancy deposit protection schemes to ensure that tenants do receive their deposit back, at the end of the tenancy, if they are entitled to it. We are here to help that this is the case.

Pack Contents

1. The Housing Act
We will show you your rights in respect of the contract you have. We'll show you how to protect your deposit and ensure that you get it back.

2. Raise a ComplaintWe tell you how to complain. We tell you the best way to do it

If this doesn't work, we tell you what your next steps are.

3. CompensationWe tell you how to claim compensation.

* All packs come with template letters relevant to the situations discussed within the pack, and example claims forms.

If you believe that you have a claim for compensation, the next step is to download this pack for free.
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