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 All the information and advice that you need to claim compensation in an easy to understand and easy to use pack. 
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Data Loss, Lost Data, Data Protection Act, Sony playstation network hack
If your personal data has been lost , hacked or mishandled you may be entitled to claim compensation.

What's Included?

Everything you need to start your claim immediately
All forms required to make your compensation claim
Full details on how to fill in the forms and where to post them.
Shaw and Co Solicitors
Personal Data : lost , hacked or mishandled
If you feel that you personal data has been hacked or that a company has lost or mishandled your personal data you may be entitled to compensation.
In everyday life there are a variety of organisations that will have records about us ranging from our employers, banks, and Government departments to our doctors and hospitals. The type and amount of information held will vary depending upon the relevant organisations. The Data Protection Act 1998 sets out 8 Principles which must be followed by organisations that hold personal information about us.

If you have experienced the mishandling of your personal data then there are steps you can take to claim compensation.  Our Lost Data Compensation Pack outlines what constitutes a breach of the data protection act and what steps you can take take if your loss warrents compensation.

Pack Contents

1. Data Protection Act
We tell you your rights in respect of your Personal Data held by other people

We will tell you what you can do if your personal data has been lost or disclosed without your authority

2. Making a ComplaintWe show you how to make a complaint

3. CompensationWe show you how to claim compensation from the relevant organisation

* All packs come with template letters relevant to the situations discussed within the pack, and example claims forms.

If you believe that you have a claim compensation, the next step is to download this pack for free.
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