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 All the information and advice that you need to claim compensation in an easy to understand and easy to use pack. 
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Lost luggage, holiday claims, delayed flights
Lost luggage, delays, cancellations... Had your holiday ruined? Find out if you can claim compensation now!

What's Included?

Everything you need to start your claim immediately
All forms required to make your compensation claim
Full details on how to fill in the forms and where to post them.
Shaw and Co Solicitors
Holiday Claims
Has your luggage been lost or damaged? Was your holiday ruined by delays or cancellations? CompensationPack can help.

If you have experienced the mishandling of your luggage or the delay or cancellation of your holiday through no fault of your own then there are steps that you can take to claim compensation. Our Holiday Claim Compensation Pack outlines what constitutes a breach of the Montreal Convention and what steps you claim warrants compensation.
The Montreal Convention of 1999 carefully laid out the responsibilities associated with the international transport of passengers and their baggage, and you may be entitled to a refund or to receive compensation if your airline or airport did not abide by the regulations set out by the Convention. 

Pack Contents

1. The Legislation / Your Rights
We will explain your rights as an international traveller and provide all the advice you need
2. Problems with Luggage
We'll cover lost luggage, delayed luggage and damage to your luggage and your rights

3. Problems with Your Flight
We will explain what to do for Non-EU Journeys and Journeys with Non Registered EU Carriers as well as explaining what to do for journeys made within the EU or to the EU with an EU registered carrier
4. Making Your Complaint
We provide you with all the guidance you need on how to proceed with a case

* All packs come with template letters relevant to the situations discussed within the pack, and example claims forms.

If you believe that you have a claim for compensation, the next step is to download this pack for free.
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