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Tuesday 14th June 2011Sony Playstation Data Loss Launches Sony to Top 10 in The Largest Data Breaches of All Time
If you're anything of a gamer, or just read the news once in a while, we're sure that you would agree that it has been difficult to avoid hearing about the problems that Sony have been having in terms of data loss.  
For those that need a re-cap, Sony lost the details of over 77 million accounts from the PlayStation Network, along with almost 25 million user accounts from Sony Entertainment Online, and that is just the start of their data loss problems. 
That being said, we came across an interesting article online recently, titled the Largest Data Breaches of All Time. Interestingly Sony now occupies the 4th and 10th spots on the countdown of the greatest cases of data loss.
Sitting a number 10 in the chart, is the data breach of 2nd of May 2011, which saw the Sony Corporation hacked for 24 million data records, and at number 4 is the hack of the 26th April 2011 aimed at users of the Sony Playstation Network. 
There are plenty of other notable names on the list, including:  
  • Bank of New York, which lost 12 million records in September 2008
  • T-mobile, which lost 17 million records in October 2008 
  • HM Revenue and Customs who let 25 million records
Sitting at the very top of the list is Heartland Payment Systems who, in January 2009, were hacked and lost 130 million records, leaving the subjects of those records vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. 
Many of the victims of these cases of data loss have been entitled to compensation. If you have been involved in any of the data loss cases listed in the largest data breaches of all time, you could be entitled to compensation too. 

Posted on June 14th 2011 on 04:35pm
Labels: data loss, sony playstation network
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